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Choose Our Tassimo Espresso T Discs Variety Pack

There’s nothing worse than getting bored of the same hot drink every day after you’ve bought a huge bulk pack. We know that variety when it comes to your Tassimo coffee machines is important because, especially for a family, you’ll want to choose your drink when you fancy it. You can do that with our Tassimo espresso T discs variety pack which comes equipped with a wide range of brands.

One of our most popular Tassimo espresso T disc products is our variety pack which has everything that you need for the growing tastes and preferences in your family. At Stormbrew we grew tired of the same drinks, too, and that’s why we created the Big Variety Pack. Here are three of the best products from the 22-disc pack:

  • Costa: Some of our favourite Tassimo espresso T discs come from the world-famous coffee chain. Their distinctive coffee taste will keep your taste buds on tenterhooks each and every day.
  • Jacobs: An amazing blend of flavours from the Jacobs range will leave you anticipating the next morning coffee right away. You’ll have a variety to dabble with each day.
  • Twinings: Is there anything better than Twinings tea? The variety pack will be rounded off with a beautiful selection of teas.

If you’d like to find out more about our Tassimo espresso T discs, get in contact with our team.

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Tiziano Bonini