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Tassimo Decaf Capsules

Have you gone to make your favourite cup of coffee, only to realise that you’re running low on Tassimo decaf capsules?

Nothing provides a fresher taste of coffee than the fantastic Tassimo machines. If the smell doesn’t invite you in, then the taste of their various coffee pods certainly will. With easy to use functions and a variety of capsules to choose from, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Amongst all of their pods, one of the most loved is their decaf option.

The beauty of their decaf pods is that you can have all the perks that come with coffee, but without the strong hit of caffeine. Perfect for those who love a cup of coffee just before bed time, or those who don’t need the buzz of caffeine, decaf is certainly the way forward. If you’re looking to stock up on your decaf capsules, we are here to help.

Here at Strombrew, we make it simple and easy to purchase just about any flavour of Tassimo capsule. Simply choose your drink of choice, preview their strengths and size and take full advantage of our free UK delivery when you spend over £23. 

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