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Tassimo Latte Pods

The latte is one of the most popular hot drinks across the world. Translated literally as ‘milk’ in Italian, this frothy-topped and strong coffee makes for the perfect hot drink all-day long. Whereas the cappuccino is only traditional consumed in the morning, lattes are the beverage of the all-nighter; that’s if you have a Tassimo coffee machine.

At Stormbrew we can help you out with our Tassimo latte pods and wide range of Tassimo T discs that perfectly fit any Tassimo coffee machine. Our vast selection of latte pods and T discs will ensure you can find the best quality brew for those drowsy mornings and all-nighters at work.

Here’s three of our most popular Tassimo latte pods to get you started:

  • Jacobs Latte Less Sweet: While lattes may be the most delicious tasting of coffees, they can suffer from a bit too much sugar. Choose the Less Sweet style by Jacobs to get tasty coffee without the sweetness.
  • Costa Latte Caramel: If you’re looking to add something special to your Tassimo hot drink selection, this caramel latte from Costa is divine.
  • Jacobs Latte Macchiato: The finest foam at the top and the punch and kick of espresso comes in straight after.

To find out more about our wide range of Tassimo latte pods and the difference they can make to your Tassimo coffee machine, speak to us today

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